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Upcycling Your Life

As we are faced with uncertainty , we are also given an opportunity. An opportunity to reflect on what’s really important, an opportunity to slow down and an opportunity to make changes in our lives.

I call this “upcycling your life” . If you haven’t heard of upcycling (where are you from, btw?) it is the process of transforming an object and giving that object a higher value than the original.

We can transform our lives just the same as we can transform objects, clothing, etc.

Just as we can take a garment and alter the hem and cut off the sleeves or add an appliqué , we can eliminate things in our lives that do not serve us and make room for things that bring us joy. It is about the constant change, and knowing that things never need to remain as they are. Things will not remain as they are. We can make them better, add value. We have this opportunity for change everyday, but sometimes it requires a major crisis to enable us to recognize it.

Usually this is a very personal experience, when one loses a loved one, ends a relationship, loses their job, etc. and sometimes its presents itself to us collectively; natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and currently the pandemic with the virus. It is how we react and what we do during these situations that create the change, we are the authors of our story, we are the designers of our lives and we are given the opportunity to create whatever change is necessary to make our story better, to design a better future for ourselves.

In the midst of this pandemic, we need to pay attention to the lessons. The most important take away lesson is to never forget the value of good health. Your health is the number one priority , without it nothing else matters.

Pay close attention to what lessons are trying to be taught. What is it that you feel is important but in reality it really doesn’t matter. What are you doing without at this time? Is it something you realize you value or something you realize you could live without?

It is uncomfortable for me to even talk about fashion at this time, it seems so insensitive during a time like this. Really, how can fashion even matter at this time? It really doesn’t. But what can matter is how we come out of this period and the lessons we learn about our habits and purchasing behavior with fashion. With many retailers closed and with the uncertainty of the future, buying clothing is really not a priority now. So when you can’t run out to the mall for some retail therapy (aka , buying shit you don’t need to temporality improve your mood) and you are reluctant to shopping online , 'cause well…maybe you should save your money right now ‘cause what the heck is happening ?? Take this time to think about what importance clothing has to you. How do you buy, why do buy? What do you really need? What changes do you want to make to your wardrobe?

It is a perfect opportunity for us to really consider what role we play in the future of fashion. It is quite evident to all by now that fast fashion is damaging to our environment, so as consumers, do we want to continue to support fast fashion by buying it? Do you want to be a part of the solution? How will you buy your clothing if you are buying consciously? Who do you want to support? It is apparent that we are living in uncertain times and a lot of brands will not be able to withstand the hit taken during this pandemic. Who you choose to support will make a huge difference in how fashion moves forward.

Think about these things as you slow down and reflect and upcycle your life. And don’t forget to wash your hands, 'cause hospital gowns are never fashionable and don’t look good on anyone!I

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