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the story goes on with just two simple words...and then

Each piece is handmade in the Philadelphia area, from the one of a kind upcycled pieces to the timeless silhouettes using deadstock fabrics, limited edition items are produced one by one.   Designed for the woman who appreciates quality clothing and dresses herself with items that not only represent her style but her values as well.


Stepping away from the noise of the fashion industry and going back to artisan craftsmanship,  my mission is to provide you a place where you can buy ethically, knowing who made your clothes and empowering you to dress your authentic self. 

the backstory...


and then…the words struck a chord with me while reading an article titled E Daí, written by Mark Nepo. E Daí, is “and then” in Portuguese and when one is telling a story it is customary for the listener to say “e daí” implying ,  so what now?whats next?  I just loved this so much, along with the profound wisdom within that article that it almost instantly transformed how I viewed and dealt with situations, enabling me to step back and realize that there is always an “and then”…life is full of “and thens”, our story is always moving, always happening, always changing. There is a sense of freedom knowing there is an “and then” with any story you are experiencing,  you are the author and you get to write what your “and then” will be. 

Perhaps it was serendipitous that I stumbled onto this article during one of my soul searching quests,  trying to figure out what was next for me.  I had been in the apparel industry since the very early 90’s, starting my career in quality control for Jones Apparel Group, and then launching solo with a contemporary brand, Mianj, where the fear of failure and fear of success sent me back to safe corporate world , and then the most important role of my life presented itself as the mother of my sweet baby girl!  She is a true blessing, my greatest teacher, and my source of inspiration.  After hitting the pause button on my career for a few years to become the “best mom in the whole world”, I re-entered the industry in attempts to find the balance of work and motherhood.  This led me through several roles from military uniform production to domestic production for Urban Outfitters and quite a few side gigs upcycling and some custom design work, product development and production management.  With the rapidly changing apparel industry, fast fashion,  and extreme waste, I was beginning to feel like an outsider…not quite fitting in to that world anymore but still having a love and passion for textiles and clothing.  So what now?what’s next?  Knowing whatever my next move was to be, it needed to have a purpose and wherever my story took me, it needed to be inspiring to others. 

This is now my and then….committed to providing high quality sustainable clothing and upcycled one of a kind pieces to be a part of your story.

This is where I hope you will find the inspiration to live your life authentically, do what you love, wear what you love, and then tell your story…

Nadja Kabic

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