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Quality Must Come First

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Here we are, the year 2020 and the buzzword in fashion is sustainability. It took us a long time to get here, to finally become conscious of what fast fashion is doing to our planet. Years and years of mindless waste , overproduction, cheap fabric, cheap labor and cheap prices convincing the consumer that it’s ok to buy more. We’ve been trained to shop sales and treat our clothing as disposable items. We are waking up now and the movement for sustainability is not only welcoming but desperately required. But as much as its needed, it is also becoming very confusing for the consumer when it seems as if every brand is jumping in with a “sustainable” twist. So as the true sustainable brands and advocates are making real changes and a growing percentage of the population is committing to shopping sustainable brands and becoming even more sustainable by not shopping at all or shopping second hand, the majority of the fashion industry is struggling with how to market “sustainability” into their brands. They don’t want to miss out on this trend, but sadly for them, this is not a trend. And sadly for us there is a lot of greenwashing going on now, brands using the word “sustainable” without any verification. Another marketing ploy to get you to buy. So with the word “sustainable” being tossed around, misused and quite frankly, overused at this point…how the hell do we know what is sustainable and what is not?


Quality must come first. Quality fabric. Quality design. Quality make. Quality of life.

Quality endures. Quality lasts. Quality is sustainable.

Become familiar with what is quality. Buy only quality.

You cannot have a sustainable garment if it is not made of quality fabrics and made well to last. Fast fashion can never be quality….quality takes time.

Keep that in mind when you are shopping for your next item. Your clothes should be investment pieces, and paying a little more for something that will last 10x longer is a smart investment. But be cautious, just because it’s pricey doesn’t mean it’s worth are a few things you can look for when choosing your clothes:

Quality Fabric

It starts with the fabric, if the fabric is not a good quality that garment will not last past a few wears. Go for 100% ... 100% of a natural fiber or a combo of natural fibers…these are your best options. Try to stay away from synthetics, they are not good for your skin or the environment.

Quality Design

Choose designs that are timeless as opposed to trendy. It may be tempting, but know that a great timeless piece is usually versatile and you can style it many ways.

Buying timeless means you can pull it out of your closet a few years from now and it still feels relevant. These become your “go to” pieces!

Quality Make

Look at the garment inside and out, look at the seams, is the garment stitched well?

Will it endure 30 wears or more? Try it on, does it fit you? There is no reason to buy something that does not fit well, it will only take up space in your closet…why bother?

Quality of Life

No one should ever suffer or be exploited making our clothes.

Who made it? Do some research on the brand you are investing in, where do they make the clothes? Support your local designer if possible, buy handmade, make an effort to ask who is making your clothes.

And as you navigate through “sustainable fashion”, just remember that it’s not sustainable if it’s not quality.

Let’s make QUALITY the new buzzword of 2020…

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