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A Sustainable Start

I thought about blogging and then…procrastinated…and then procrastinated some more. Finally, I decided to just fully jump in without striving for perfection because it’s the sought after perfection that creates procrastination. So my thought was “lets see what happens if I don’t try to make things perfect…just put them out there, see what sticks, make mistakes, learn from them…it has to be better than constantly trying to make it perfect without having anything accomplished”. After all , there is no such thing as perfect , right? There is authenticity though and I believe if you are trying to be perfect, you can’t be authentic. Authenticity is real, it is transparent. It is what it is….there is nothing to hide behind and no reason to try because you are showing up as you are and that is the most liberating feeling one can experience.

But starting is the hard part. Starting is where we get stuck. We either don’t know where to begin, or we fear the commitment, or we fear getting it wrong. But here’s the thing…if you start you can always find ways to improve, you can change how you do things, you don’t have to stay on the same path…you just have to take the first step. If you have been considering transitioning to a sustainable wardrobe, for example, you may be so overwhelmed with the current offerings of “sustainable clothing” that you really don’t know where to begin. Seems to be the trend, so you’re seeing this term everywhere and so many brands to choose from, but how do you know you’re choosing the right one? Why is it sustainable? Who made it? What is it made of? So many questions to ask over a piece of clothing , oh my!! Here’s my advice and a favorite quote I keep within reach to remind me all things we need, we already have…”start where you are~use what you have~do what you can”. It’s that simple, that is sustainable.

That is your start. Look at what you already have, what you wear most, what you love most and what truly makes you feel good. Getting to know what works for you is the first step to building a sustainable wardrobe. Don’t take on the pressure to wear trends or to make it perfect, there is no such thing, remember? What you need to to do is feel like yourself in the clothes you choose and think about how it will serve you…will it endure more than 30 wears? Does it make you feel like your authentic self? Have fun, play with it until it feels right for YOU! Just start the process and remember this : what is sustainable is what we love and loved clothes last.

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